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Our small groups are vital part what we do as Christ Church as they help us to grow deeper relation-ally and position us to pursue our mission and vision together. These groups gather on a bi-weekly basis in various people’s homes to share life with one another over a meal, in a Bible study and through prayer. New people are always welcome!


Our desire is that every person attending Divine Restoration Ministries would be a part of a healthy small group.
That each group would help it’s members grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
And to help them to understand God’s purpose for their life.
That each group would meet needs as they arise within the group.
That each group would show God’s love to others outside of the group through areas of service.

The small group ministry of Divine Restoration Ministries is designed to fulfill the purpose of the New Testament Church.
In many ways each small group is a mini church or a family, meeting the needs of each member of the family.

Why Join?

In a small group you will have the opportunity to grow in your knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ. You also can develop deep friendships with a group of people who will support you, care for you, and challenge you to become all that God wants you to become.

How to Join:

Determine what you want from a small group. When and where you are available to meet.
Are you interested in a specific age group or topic?
Contact the office and talk with Paul Thomas, or contact the small group leader.

What Should You Expect?

In a healthy small group you can share your true feelings and be honest with your doubts and fears. You will be encouraged and supported by others. Yo will find that you are challenged to become so much more, but at the same time feel the love and forgiveness of others when you fall short.

In a healthy small group you will find God and His unconditional love.
Do you have questions or feedback? Please contact us, we would be happy to answer your questions.

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